its not simple as they said

This is not about a guy. Not about a love.LIFE. .sometimes we feel life are so unfair . Being upset for not getting something we want is the most awful thing to handle . .Mind tell me not too upset but my heart beating in a sorrow. .Sometimes we have friends who already comfort us but it seem not enough to make us feel better. .

Day by a day,its just ruin me. .It make me feel so exhausted too. .Thinking why not me being chosen? Why I always got a bad luck. .Positively thinking ..I know Allah has been decided what best for me. .I shouldnt whining for what I get. .But negative mind is not easy to erase. .It keep walking through my brain and say bad things. .Nothing worth to regret anyway. .People keep comforting me with good word. ."you will get something better". .okay. .I keep that in my mind. .Promise to not thinking about it anymore. .Because stress really make me looked older than my true age. .