my heart just like eeerrrrrhhhh!

 hey guys. .just drop here to say that my exam sucks. . !! sad when my teacher scold me. she said that my math very bad! yes.. its true. .i dont like math . any calculation .hate this so much. but what can do. ? errhh, ~~

other things that make me feel like hell is when i have to meet my " friend" at school everyday. she is my ex friend! old friend. i already remove her and her families from my fb. . i'm bad. .i know. but i feel the pain everytime i see her, ,what she done to me hah? nothing .but she lie to me. many things. . my heart burning . .what the hell? i'm just like a fool .please dont sit beside me,dont talk to me. .dont ask me anything. . i wont answer u. .i want she stay away from me. .away and away. .far from my life. hate this feelings when i have to hurt the others to feel satisfied. .this is the best now. .i know people will judge me when read this ,but they dont know the pain that i felt. .hah. ;'( . .couple month ago i told myself whatever happend i will not hate her. but now. .i broke my promises. .hmm. .

bai. .

stab my back,make me sad