How my exam?

Hi everybody. .People keep asking me how was your exam and bla bla bla. .Sincerely sec week very suck. .

For the first week everything was very great and I thinks its good. .BUT the second week. .aahhh. .not really bad. .I'm just depressed. .Addmath was killed me. .Physics was make me sleep 14 hours. .hahaha. .yeahh. .Yesterday  I came back home at 3.40 *I think, I'm not remember. .* I straightly slept till this morning. .This is very lunatic..LOL I know. .I never do this before. .Seriously I was very tired. Really insecure last week. .Make a study group and doesnt have enought time to sleep. .So that it is..14 hours. .!

You know what. .About my study group. .its not really study group. .It just like playing and laugh group. .hahaha. .For the first time my friends about 9 people and I gather together and played "jongkang jongkit"..We laugh too much and we were really really happy that time..Its worth to have a good time with our friend. .I'm sure I would miss them a lot after my school is over. .

Now i confused with my title. .I talked about my exam or about my friends? ahh. Both! till then. .Got to go. .baii.