October has gone. go away.

November is here. .Many important things to do. .This is my last year in school. .lets say yeeaaaayyy!

Ok done. .Dont shout too loud,your neighbour will say you has gone crazy. .Something piss me out today . .Dont worry guys,i wouldn't turn back. Might vanished all my memory to make this feelings dissappear. .

I have already move on. .So why i should turn back? no no no. .i wont. .I love my heart. .So better i save myself from heartache. .I dont want one day i wake up and realise im in pain. .What a bad feelings to go through. .Enough all the sorrow i have gone through. .There's nothing he can fix. .My heart is frayed and my scar is open. .But he doesnt have to put all the pieces stitch by stitch. .