I'm back!

Hello. .I am wondering who will wait for my post. .


ohh its okay. .Imma talk with myself . .cool isnt? I have been missing about a week from facebook and twitter and kinda not active. .you know why? I'm addicted to korean drama's now. .Who should I blame haah?

Nobody again? *sigh*

I've spending a lot of time watching korean drama and ss501 kinda caught my eyes. .I google a lot about them,watched their funny videos. .I really enjoyed. .There are time that I dont slept at all because watched their videos. .Am I the only one who just realize that they are so handsome and gorgeous? please high five with me. .!

Now I just watched oneHD channel because that is korean channel. .*change topic*

I've got a job. .I will start working on second January as a cashier. .actually I'm not ready to work yet but I need moneyy. .so better start rolling the ball and gather some money. .I'm not paying license fee yet. .ahhhh. .money again. .

Now time to sleep. .bye