goes around,comes around

I think I got a problem. .I getting deaf. .yeah as you read. .its not mistaken ..I have getting deaf but not deaf yet. . .I have to admit it no matter how hard I deny it in front of my sister. .Because I usually call her soundtrouble when she cant hear me clearly. .

Lately,when people say something I will just ignore it instead of asking twice. .Okay,I'm really addicted to music so much.. I listen to it while sleeping,doing chores,ride a motocyle and everytime. .My bad,because I usually turn on the volume too high until I cant hear people talking. .so now I realize the effect. .serve me right lah kan. .

Ahha for your information maybe its kinda weird listen to music when ride a motocycle. .Actually it helps me overcome my fearness. .Because I got a trauma after accident about one year and half ago. .I feel really scared when lorry or bus passing me,and when car follow my back too near. .Just like my heart burst out. .I'm freaking out.

By the way spm result will come out two days more kot. .ahhhh. .Feel more scared than bus passed me. .Whatever I get,I have to accept it. .no more regrets. .ahh move on. .I read somewhere that dreaming is good for our health. .lets dream guys and good nite. :p