I was holding on, trying to salvage what was left of us, so when the worse was over, when time healed the wounds, that we’d still have something. I was holding on and only today did I realize that I’m the only one still holding on. He let go and now I think it’s my turn. I’m letting you go and along with that I’m leaving behind a part of me … a part I lost and I don’t think I want back.cause that was bad feeling that i ever felt.  .u said we can back together but u lie to me. . did i deserve this for loving u?u didn't know the pain ..and u will never feel it. I wish I could just cut off and walk away, but there’s something holding me back that’s making all the pain seem worth it. But I don’t know if I have it in me to do it anymore. I don’t think I want to do it anymore either.
i'm fine but i doesnt mean i'm happy

i just need to build the courage to pull myself together and quietly leave. u always treat me like shit. .u see i laugh?yes i fake my smile. .but inside i"m dying ..u ever care?no! i pretend to be okay so u dont need to pretend u care. how long can i pretnd to be happy till people see the cracks?hey. . dont wanna ask me do i still remeber u? yes. .i do. .this is not bcause i love u anymore . this is bcause nobdy hurt me this bad like u do. .i'll not forget u dude. .now i have to be strong and move on . .start new life. . lastly. .goodbye :'(