swing mood. ;(

hey guys. .since u know. 3/4 part story in my blog is about sadness. .okay now. lets change all that silly things ! i dont want to think about any unnecessary things anymore. .single is better right now. .love during school are really burden our mind. .u have to think about he/she everytime. .sucks. that wont worth anything. just a short term happiness and after that u may suffer. there's many thing i need to do this year .. my exam. .GOD. .its really hard. .tough. .i dont know how to answer it during spm. .hope i can get the best results. .lets talk about mood. ! friends. i'm apologise. .dont know why. i have no mood. ...i just feel like wanna be alone.dont want to talk with others.. i easily got angry. .i'm not hate you or anythings. this is not ur faults... u not done anything to me. its about me! i have swing mood. i'm sorry... i'm not sad.. .tired perhaps. so dont try to mess with me. life is very miserable..i have to be patient about all that is unsolved in my heart. .all test from GOD. .this year are really hard for me. .now i know how they felt when exams around the corner. , baibai world. .