She pursue me.Perhaps!

Hi. .I know it has been a while when i talk about my friend .Seriously i dont think i have a bestfriend. .Today i gonna write something about my friend. I've been stick with her since i was standart one. .Now lets count. ! How long its? Maybe it already eleven years. Can you believe it?Yes. .we have go through many things together. .sometimes we hurt each other. .Sometimes we make a mistake but the best thing is at the end we will be together again and again.Grow up together. .peace ;)

A word can express how i love her. .I'm not lying. .I talk from deep of my heart. .not rolling of the deep okay. Actually i dont know what mean by rolling of the deep .anyone?explain to me. .hahaha. .As i knew her. .She is the one who are really talented in everything. .She's really out of the world. I mean so amazing. .I'm not trying to praising her okay. .I tell you the truth. I will show you later okay guys. .hmm you know what?? She is very sincere about many things. If she dont like it. she will straight to the point.

I cant count how many times we had conflict..But we will solve it after that. .She is my strength. .I feel so impress with her. .I learn a lot from her. .Before,i'm a person with low self esteem but she convince me that we are the best. .Even sometimes i try to run far from her,i will go back to her. *i'm sulking lah*. .She is the one who stick with me for a long time.When i feel i cant move on,she always beside me. I believe she will have a bright future soon and will go far as she have a beautiful face and very talented. .ILOVEYOU friends. .I mean it. .

sincerely with love,

p/s : for your information,i will update my blog using english eventhough have so many grammatic error.I dont want my brain freezing. .hihihi. .my exam is around the corner. dont hate me.please..heeeeeeee.