Hey guys! How are you? Hope in the pink yeah.I dont know what i going to tell you this time.As you know,i had a bad time lately. .whoa. whats happen amy?? yeahh. .i had a fight with my classmates. its not fight actually. .i dont know how to explain to you guys. .they dont like me but they dont wanna speak to me nicely. they wrote it in facebook and i'm just like"weeehhh useless". okay stop about that thing.everything happen for a reason. maybe it was my fault but i'm just too ego to apologise. .next week perhaps i will talk to them. .i'm trying to be an awesome friends..clap clap your hands and said "GOOD AMY".

SPM is running towards me. .hahaha..just a few days left now.. .count!count with your fingers. .! i've been as busy as bee make a revision..I read book twentyfour-seven . hahaha..its true?no no no. .I'm kidding. I read some topics in chemistry then i felt so sleepy. .you know what?Book has became my sleeping pill everynight. .its true!.Besides i also taught my cousin some subject that i feel i can score this exam. .He came here for a week to study with me. .hmm maybe i can be a teacher! haha. .

Today my friends and i went to Shammitha house. .Its deepavali. .! One malaysian nation..hikhikhik. .I eat some sambal and curry. .So delicious and the important thing is its halal. .We forced Shammitha to bring blackpepper chicken this sunday. .We gonna make some jamuan in the class. .i know its sound like "wohh pulun gila" isnt? haha..well well well. .eeeee i hate this word..sounds like so arrogant. . ! please please please dont hate me because i'm just make a joke. .peace :)

Wohh i dont know what happened to my eyes. ..Lately, i feel so so so **** you know.A word cant describe how i feel. So i put the star . .haha.Obsessed with handsome boy. .ouch,they drive me crazy. .I cant stand looking at their picture every minutes. .But i'm not flirting them at all okay so you cant call me gediks.haha. .Dont dont dont call me gediks. .I can hear youuuuuuuuuuuuu. . Sometimes i feel so jealous when looked at their twitter. .oh my,they twitted with many girls.what about me? hohohoho..

hmm i should go now. .I've mumbling too much. okay peeps. .bye!