There’s a point in my life when i know who stays forever and who’s just around for a while. People change, and so do i. Sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse. Bad things happen to everyone, i'm not in it alone. People lie and some people just don’t care how i heart beats no matter how much pain i'm in. Everything will be okay eventually. There are always people in my life that just make my day no matter the miles. I know all about distance, I’ve been dealing with it all my life, so don’t tell me it’s easy, but it’s worth it. I’d rather stay in touch with the people I love than just drop it and forget about it.I don’t forget about the ones i love, it doesn’t work like that. Give it all i got, and live my life to the fullest.

sometimes i doubt about myself,i wish there a way that can make everything become easier in my life. But i believe myself,i know i'm struggle than i expect. .But sometimes i feel that pain has been my bestfriend. .My heart has been done so wrong,i wondered if i can fix it again. sometimes i feel no change all around me. everything is still the same.every week i had a problem. .its a test. .God love me.I know it. .People love me? I dont know. .Actually  my heart been working so hard to deal with all the sorrow and i think there no time for it to be happy.I wish happiness will come and fine me. .My race is still long and i should be prepared for what gonna happen.I will appreciate life even if it gives me the greatest heartache, because after my greatest fall, a new me will be formed. Someone who is stronger than before.I learn people will not satisfied how good we trying to be. just chill and smile to them.