entah. .

assalamualaikum. .hi . .bored tonight. .waiting for johanna to go out..she said wanna go out at 7.00 but she kinda busy. hmm mybe tomorrow we can meet. .wanna bring her to go some place. .this is the last time for us to meet..she will go back to germany. .hmm. .sad ..;(

ask me now what my feeling?actually i felt like something burden my mind so much. .i dont know why. .maybe i have done many mistake. .need to seek forgiveness from them. .who is them? my friends perhaps. .this week i just stay at home. .no more hangout for this years .i'm scared to go out..i'm afraid if i will see people that i hate..i scared to the pain..! sucks. .all things seems terrible for me..ct. .i;m sorry. .just cancelled the relationship for a while. .i'm not in a good situation right now. . . bye.

miss this girl. .wanna meet her tomorrow. .!